Who we are

We are an Android mobile application developer. Our focus is on medical records app for individuals and families to collect and keep their personal medical information in their Android phones. This privacy policy applies to our Medication List & Medical Records application.

Our website address is: http://lsdinfotech.com

What data does the app create and why

The Medication List app creates the following data. At initial installation there is a database created to hold the user medial data such as medications, physicians, family members, diagnosis, and other data. A full list is on the app page.

The app also creates image files when pictures of user initiated items such as, medications, or medication labels, are taken by the user. These images are stored in a directory in the private application data folders.

Other files are created for in a working directory for the such purposes as creating files for user to email. Examples of this are a list of medications, a list of physicians, and other lists, that user decides to mail.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

The app does not collect any personal data on it’s own. The only data collected into the database and file folders is data the user decided to save by either inputting into an input screen or taking an image they want to save. This data is collected to create the repository of information the user wants to store for future access such as displaying to a healthcare provider.

What data does the app not use

The app only uses data it creates and does not use other data on the device.

Data transfer

Data is not transferred to any other party. It is only transferred to the Google drive belonging to the authorized Google account on the device and only when the user purchases the backup and restore premium feature. It is not an automatic transfer. The user must initiate the backup or restore via specific actions, pressing a button for each operation.

Requirements for the backup and restore functions are:

  • Valid Google account
  • Google Drive
  • Space available on Google Drive

The purpose of the backup and restore function is to:

  • Restore the application to previous state if corrupted
  • Transfer of application data to a new phone
  • Restore the application in case of phone reset

Deletion of data

The app only deletes data it creates. For example, a user may decide to delete an image previously taken and stored. No data from any other source is deleted.

How long is data stored

Data is kept on the phone as long application is installed unless deleted by user. Data on Google Drive is kept as long as the user decides to keep it and can be deleted by user.

Permissions the App requests

The app requests the following permissions

  • Camera, to take pictures of medications or other
  • Billing vending, to allow for purchase of premium features
  • Write to storage, to save image and other files
  • Phone, to allow for calls from lists
  • Calendar, to create an app specific calendar for reminders
  • Get accounts, manage accounts to allow for Google authorization
  • Internet for data transfer


In summary, all data belongs to user and is not accessed by us or any third party. The data is kept on user’s device and Google Drive if backup has been purchased. This being the case it is the responsibility of the user to protect their data from unauthorized use.